These people approve of my ranting:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yes.... I know all these things...

Yes, it has been a while...

Its all Java's fault... Damn uni. I completed assignment 1 in a day, now i have to deal with a whole lot of other shit... On top of that, work is fucking me around and not paying me what they should... Im looking for another job.

Stressful times ahead... If only i believed in stress. HA.

Change is always for the better peoples!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Today I'm working in "The Ivory Tower", plebs call it upstairs... Yes, the promised land.
From operations to systems... And god what a mess it is.

So they task me with changing Receiving lanes to Despatch lanes... A project that was started by the systems manager, who is conveniently on leave... And its so screwed i didn't even know where to begin... Well really i did... Obviously he didn't.

No one was told this was happening, so when i asked the receiving manager which lanes he would like changed, he had a massive shit right on the ops manager's desk... "Too bad, its happening" she says... HA. Way to manage and communicate effectively, you useless fuck.

So i go on my way and start confirming X,Y coordinates for LM, and wouldn't you know it.... They are completely out. JOY... 2 hours of fixing that shit.

So finally tomorrow i get to 100% confirm which changes are happening... so of course, it will be a mad rush through the rest of the week cos head office have to bridge the WM/LM locations that are changing, and receiving will go to shit cos they just lost 30 lanes forever.

Collision imminent...

Bracing for massive shit storm.

I love knowing what the fuck I'm doing.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Work... So disorganized

So im supposed to help the Systems guy at work do his fucking job... Not today... 2 managers off for a week and i have to cover... I swear to god they have no idea how to run a fucking business.

On a positive note, i found out they have pygmy marmosets at The local zoo... Guess who is getting a new pet next weekend!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

What was he thinking?

If you're slighlty confused... I have a thing for Justin Bieber. She's the hottest thing to happen to lesbian pop since Cindy Lauper; and i cant wait til she hits puberty, grows some bewbs and goes through a slutty dressing phase like Brittany and Christina and all the rest of those dried out old pop whores.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apples and Oranges???

So i applied for a  team manager job at work (again.... for the third time....). 2nd round interviews were held today, i heard nothing... I question my manger, he knows nothing about it.... I questions my shift manager, he knows nothing about it.... I ask HR, she says she knows nothing and letters will be handed out to those who are successful or not.

End of shift, letters are handed out. I dont get one.


So i ask the shift manager what gives with my letter? He walks me over to HR lady who then walks me over to the Operations Manager. She proceeds to tell me that my experience and knowledge would be wasted in that type of role and they would much rather have me in an IT/Logistics Projects role that they are creating for me. FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKING SCORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!!!

Today was a good day.

Fuck im tired.