These people approve of my ranting:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Today I'm working in "The Ivory Tower", plebs call it upstairs... Yes, the promised land.
From operations to systems... And god what a mess it is.

So they task me with changing Receiving lanes to Despatch lanes... A project that was started by the systems manager, who is conveniently on leave... And its so screwed i didn't even know where to begin... Well really i did... Obviously he didn't.

No one was told this was happening, so when i asked the receiving manager which lanes he would like changed, he had a massive shit right on the ops manager's desk... "Too bad, its happening" she says... HA. Way to manage and communicate effectively, you useless fuck.

So i go on my way and start confirming X,Y coordinates for LM, and wouldn't you know it.... They are completely out. JOY... 2 hours of fixing that shit.

So finally tomorrow i get to 100% confirm which changes are happening... so of course, it will be a mad rush through the rest of the week cos head office have to bridge the WM/LM locations that are changing, and receiving will go to shit cos they just lost 30 lanes forever.

Collision imminent...

Bracing for massive shit storm.

I love knowing what the fuck I'm doing.